Is NaijaSecCon Becoming The Next Africa DefCon?

A lot of cyber security conferences have held in Africa for over a decade, and the Nigeria Cybersecurity Conference (NaijaSecCon) came to the forefront two years ago to change the game. Annually, since 2017, NaijaSecCon gathers individuals from various industries to discuss technical matters impacting the information security landscape; whether it be discussions on emerging cyber threats, demo sessions to share findings from research (professionals and students alike) or engaging SMEs and cyber leads to highlight cyber strategy and governance areas that require improvement.

The event is unique in that it is not tailored to CISOs alone, but creates a platform where seasoned professionals, researchers, students and enthusiasts bring their capabilities forward and collaborate on actionable ideas to enhance the cybersecurity practice and skillset across Africa.

At the event, NaijaSecCon hosts the Capture The Flag (CTF) hacking competition where each team attacks a system to demonstrate skills in web and mobile application security, malware analysis and reverse engineering of binaries for exploits research.

WorkShop And Villages

NaijaSecCon is hosting sessions with speakers that include CISOs in the Financial Industry, Bug Bounty Hunter from Hackerone, and other top companies.
And one of the reasons they are now being seen as the next Africa DefCon is having a first of its kind Lockpicking Village and Career Village.

The event will take place in Lagos on the 3rd of May, 2019.
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