An Ethical Hacker Could Face 8 Years In Prison For Reporting Security Vulnerability In Telekom's Server

A Young Man is defended by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) after the Prosecution Service of Hungary has accused him of breaking into Magyar Telekom database by which according to the office, he has committed a crime of disturbing a public utility and endangered society.

In April last year a serious vulnerability was discovered in Magyar Telekom's server, He reported it to the company who later invited for a meeting, the company didn't hire him.

At the beginning of May, he found a vulnerability that could allow anyone access to public and retail mobile and data traffic and monitor other companies servers offered by T-Systems.

On that same day, Magyar Telekom reported an unknown attacker leading to his arrest, According to the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) the trial began this week.

The prosecutors office is asking for a prison sentence despite the fact that in the indictment files it is not clear exactly what he has done, The HCLU added that the prosecutor's office offered him a plea bargain.

If he admits he is guilty, the court will suspend the sentence for two years and if not he may have to serve in jail for five years, he is now being accused of more crime in the indictment for disrupting the operation of a public utility and may face up to eight years in prison.

Ethical hackers cannot commit a crime because their activities are beneficial to the society according to the HCLU, according to the Prosecutor's office, the defendant crossed a line and due to the danger his actions may have posed to society, he must face the consequences of a criminal law.

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