About $150,000 By Swiss Government To Hack Its Electronic Voting System

Can you hack the electronic voting system?, The Swiss Government is offering 150,000 Swiss francs about $149,790 to hackers who can exploit their new generation electronic voting system.

February 25 to March 24 as announced by the Federal Chancellery that a dummy election will be held and invited individuals to participate and showcasing their talents.

In a statement, The participant can try to manipulate the vote count, to read the votes cast, to violent secrecy or to bypass security systems.

Depending on the severity of the bug or vulnerability in the voting system which depends on how much they would be paid, the highest prize to be paid is 50,000 Swiss francs to any one who is able to exploit the system undetected.

In hope by the Swiss authorities this will help improve the security of the new generation electronic voting system.

Since 2004, Electronic Voting System has been on trial in Swiss Cantons.

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