xDedic Servers And Domains Has Been Seized And Shutdown

Three Ukranian suspects have been arrested in conjunction with the online underground marketplace, xDedic shutdown. This came after efforts from both the US and European security agencies in an international operation involving the security agencies. The online site was run by a group of Russian-speaking hackers

xDedic was founded sometime in 2014, but became widely known in June 2016 in a Kaspersky lab report as being one of the major hubs in the trade of compromised servers. Following this report, the site shut down only to re-emerge in the Tor dark web where various crimeware were up for sale. 

After the huge media exposure following the Kaspersky report, the website owners avoided capture by strategically maintaining and concealing the location of its severs all over the world to facilitate the operation of the underground site.

The marketplace was located on the domain xdedic[.]biz and anyone was free to register for it. The site gained major popularity in 2015 when over 3,000 servers were added to the marketplace. For each server, detailed information such as price, location, speed, anti-virus installed, etc was provided. On the online marketplace, cybercriminals buy, sell or rent out access to thousands of hacked computers and servers across the world.

In addition to remote access to servers, the vendors also provided buyers with RDP patches to enable them gain concurrent access on hacked machines s well as proxies to install on servers and other tools to collect information from them. 

In the FBI and Europol press release, they said they had seized all the domains and the servers hosting the marketplace, effectively shutting down the site and gaining access to its list of customers.

Additionally, the German Bundeskriminalamt provided assistance in the operation to seize xDedic’s infrastructure.

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