Jay Patel - Hacker For Charity, Donating To The Red Cross Team

This is one of the good things of being a White Hat Hacker even though I don't consider myself White Hat Hacker anymore, You might have heard of different stories about how hackers have donated their earnings from bugs to charity and other things.

Jay Patel has been my friend for a while and i can't actually remember for how many years, He recently update his Facebook Status about finding two bugs from United Airline which earned him about 100,000 miles, since United Airline don't award money as bounty to my knowledge but I don't know now, and also I don't know how much 100,000 miles distance would be from one Country to another.

He decided to donate the 100,000 miles from United Airline to Red Cross Team in other to help any country in whatever way they can.

Are you among Hackers for Charity? Send a mail and let's publish to inspire other hackers.

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